Litter L

Flicka & Zulus Litter 
Eternal Gambler FLICKA QILIN & INTELIGENT z Gniazda Złotych Lwów

January 31, 2012

4 black males and 1 black female


 More informations about Parents (Pedigree of litter, photos, show results)


Blue boy – Xiado (FCI) LION’S SOUL – live in a great family in Namysłów (PL) Keep him company on a daily basis his „big brother” Waskez
Orange boy – Xiado (FCI) LUVA LUVA MAN – besides giving much joy to their owners Louie rages on the shows – more about LOUIE
Green boy – Xiado LOW-BLOW living with a great family in Warsaw – together with the wondrous Great Dane :-)
Yellow boy – Xiado (FCI) LAY LOW - little troublemaker like his sister ;-) – also lives with a great family in Warsaw
Girl – Xiado (FCI) LAVICA QILIN – she is crazy female, happy with his dachshund and a loving home in Lodz

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